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EnaSave 2030

  • Improved fuel efficiency resulting in cost savings
  • Reduction in tyre noise levels
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning on wet road surfaces
  • Assurance of a smooth and relaxing driving experience

Grandtrek AT2

  • Improved performance on gravel and dirt roads with highly rigid pattern
  • Low tyre noise levels to guarentee excellent levels of driver comfort
  • Good appearance with reversible sidewall design
  • Superior wet grip due to reduced risk of aquaplaning

Grandtrek AT20

  • Lower tyre noise levels to enhance the overall driving experience
  • All year round traction, even in light snow
  • Excellent braking on both dry and wet road surfaces
  • Fantastic performance in wet conditions to reduce the risk of losing control

Grandtrek AT23

  • Steering precision
  • Improved wet grip
  • Superb mileage capabilities
  • Excellent comfort levels

Grandtrek AT3

  • Suitable on and off-road
  • Fantastic handling characteristics
  • Improved resistance against aquaplaning
  • Maximum levels of control on wet and dry road surfaces

Grandtrek ATC

  • Suitable on and off-road
  • Fantastic handling characteristics
  • Improved resistance against aquaplaning
  • Maximum levels of control on wet and dry road surfaces

Grandtrek SJ6

The Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 tyre is a snow tyre designed for even the most extreme winter conditions. These tyres are suited specifically to 4x4 and sport utility vehicles. In snowy conditions, you can be confident of powerful traction and stability to guarentee maximum levels of safety. Through extensive research and development Dunlop have used a special glass fiber-reinforced tread to ensire excellent grip levels. Overall, the Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 tyre is the perfect winter tyre for difficult wintry conditions.

This tyre is a winter tyre fitment and perfect for driving in wintry conditions such as snow, ice or heavy rain.

Grandtrek ST20

Dunlop Grandtrek ST20 are tyres made with performance vehicles in mind. Designed and created by Dunlop Tyres, they are ideal for vehicles like trucks and SUV's.

  • Five pitch technology: Breaks up the soundwaves created while travelling, eliminating noise and allowing you to enjoy the serenity of the road
  • All-weather tread design: Provides superior grip and high traction in all weather. These tyres will save you time and money, offering a superb driving experience
  • Silica tread compound: Allows for maximum grip on the road in wet weather, enhancing the acceleration and braking of the vehicle and therefore the performance
  • Spiral overlay construction: The spiral overlay structure allows for improved responsiveness and manoeuvrability of the vehicle as well as efficient braking and control
  • Circumferential tread grooves: Providing stability and increased steering responsiveness on wet surfaces, in all weather. These tyres strengthen wet traction and handling ability
  • All weather: The technology in these tyres allows for better handling and responsiveness in all weather conditions, giving the driver more control and stability
  • Exceptional capabilities displayed across all major performance areas 
  • Reduced noise levels during acceleration and braking
  • Oustanding steering response and stability
  • Provides a safe, reliable and smooth ride all round the year while maintaining high levels of performance

Grandtrek ST30

  • Superior traction and grip which results in better handling and stability 
  • Improved braking and steering responsiveness
  • Ultra high performance with top class comfort & control 
  • Reduced tyre noise ensures a relaxing and enjoyable driving experience

Grandtrek TG 30

  • Minimised braking distances
  • Improved control when driving
  • Excellent handling and stability when cornering
  • Outstanding comfort levels

Grandtrek TG 35

  • Suitable for on and off road usage
  • Increased protection when driving
  • Excellent braking responsiveness
  • Assurance of an outstanding driving experience no matter the road surface

Grandtrek Touring A/S

  • Progressive cornering force with excellent grip in all conditions
  • Optimised dry handling performance
  • Outstanding snow performance and high level dry handling
  • Superb wet weather characteristics