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The situation regarding Coronavirus is extremely fluid with information and reaction changing on a daily basis.

Combating this virus is not just the responsibility of the Government or medical professionals but a collective responsibility for everyone living and working in the UK.

It is important that we all follow the advice being given regarding personal contact and personal hygiene and as such we wanted to reassure you that our delivery drivers will take the necessary steps to protect you and themselves by following the advice given; especially when it comes to hygiene, i.e. washing hands, cleaning hard surfaces frequently and avoiding unnecessary contact.

At this stage our warehouses are fully operational and this is testament to their dedication.

Call centre and Head Office: We are preparing to move our call centre and Head Office functions out to regional offices and warehouses as well as enabling home working.

As social distancing progresses staffing issues mean we are going to be much slower at responding to calls so we ask that where possible you use the online ordering system www.viking.co.uk

If you do not have online ordering access please go to https://www.viking.co.uk/login-request to request log-in details 

If you are experiencing any issues please contact your relevant SME Manager

Supply Chain

Our major tyre and parts suppliers continue to deliver into the warehouse network on a daily basis however. Additionally as part of our contingency planning process we have at least 12 weeks of supply based on current usage rates of the key sizes.

Customer deliveries

Delivers to our customers will continue on a daily basis Monday - Friday but these we be limited to one delivery a day from Monday 30th March 2020.  From Saturday 4th April our warehouses will no longer open on Saturday's.

Sales Function

The sales team will be available to help resolve any issues and backfill some business critical functions throughout any emergency period.

As nobody knows how the scenario will develop we will continue to communicate any relevant information.

Cash Handling

We have implemented new procedures to safeguard our staff from potentially contaminated cash.

Our drivers will enter your premises and unload the tyres in a suitable area. When we enter your reception / workshop we will keep to the 2m safe distance policy, from both your customers and your members of staff.

Our drivers will count up the value of the invoices and mark the cash total on an envelope, they will inform you that they are going to leave the invoice and an envelope on the counter and we kindly ask if you can they apply the same safe distance policy. 

Our drivers will ask you to sign your lines and count the cash in front of them and then enter the cash payment into the envelope provided.

Once completed, our driver will collect the invoices and the cash envelope.

Counter Process

In order to keep our staff and our customers safe, we will only be allowing one person to enter the counter area at any given time.

We will apply the minimum 2m safe distance policy at all times.

Only one staff member will deal customers at the counter and they will wear protective gloves

After ringing the the bell for attention we ask customers to step back to a safe distance while we confirm your details.

Once the stock has been picked, we will ask you to sign the paperwork and then step back a safe distance.

The staff member will take the invoice and place the customer copy inside the tyre purchased and will put the tyre / tyres onto the counter and invite you to take them.

Where this is a visa payment the machine will be cleaned before and after every use.



Rikki Kane

Sales Director

Updated: 11/05/20