Tyre Management

tyre mangagement
  • Qualified tyre fitting technician.
  • Manufacturer approved tyre and balancing equipment.
  • Stock on a sale or return basis.
  • Same day delivery.
  • Waste disposal programmes that comply with all Environment Agency requirements.
  • Access to most major fleets for the billing of tyres and tyre-related services.
  • Viking Dealer Division computer system to monitor areas such as stock control, invoicing, pricing, fleet management and generation of weekly performance statistics.
  • Small tools and sundry items (valves, balance weights and similar).
  • Dedicated account management.
  • Monthly performance review.
  • Quarterly business development meeting to include areas such as marketing, cross-selling opportunities, sales forecasting and pricing.

The implant Tyre Management Programme provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates capital expenditure.
  • Saves time and inconvenience of implementing your own tyre programme.
  • Increased turnover with enhanced profitability.
  • Tyre safety checks for all customer vehicles.
  • Replacement tyres immediately available.
  • Wheel changeovers
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