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Michelin 4x4 A/T
Michelin 4x4 A/T

  • Dependable off-road traction with relatively low on-road noise
  • All-season control
  • Durable construction that resists damage
  • Speed Index: TR
  • Available series: 70, 75, 85

Michelin 4x4 Diamaris
Michelin 4x4 Diamaris

  • Highest level of performance on wet road surfaces
  • Excellent stability especially when cornering
  • Reduced braking distances to ensure maximum levels of driver safety and control
  • Overall improved drive quality due to heightened comfort levels

Michelin 4x4 Latitude Alpin
Michelin 4x4 Latitude Alpin

  • Improved tyre longevity to ensure excellent value for money
  • Excellent levels of comfort due to reduction in noise levels
  • Fantastic wet weather performance
  • Outstanding performance in winter conditions

Michelin 4x4 Latitude Alpin HP
Michelin 4x4 Latitude Alpin HP

  • It’s the 4x4 High Performance cold weather tyre recommended by some of the most demanding car manufacturers!
  • Designed for high performance 4x4 vehicles
  • Speed Index: HR, RF, XL
  • Available series: 55, 65

Michelin 4x4 O/R
Michelin 4x4 O/R

  • Fantastic off-road tyre
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Improved safety and control
  • Maximum levels of grip

Michelin 4x4 Synchrone
Michelin 4x4 Synchrone

  • Reliable capabilities both on- and off-road
  • Exceptional handling and wet traction
  • Rugged styling
  • It's the multipurpose 4x4 tyre which lasts 50% longer
  • 40% to 90% more mileage compared to its principal European competitors
  • Speed Index: TR, HR
  • Available series: 55, 60, 65, 70, 80

Michelin Agilis
Michelin Agilis

  • Excellent all round braking performance
  • Provides excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions
  • Combines a long tread life with a relatively quiet ride
  • Reduced braking distances to enhance driver safety and control


Michelin Agilis +
Michelin Agilis +

  • Excellent wet grip
  • Robust tyre sidewall to protect against kerbing damage
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced stopping distances

Michelin Aglis Camping
Michelin Aglis Camping

  • Capable of carrying heavy loads
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Fantastic wet gripping qualities
  • Robust tyre formulation to increase protection

Michelin Compact
Michelin Compact

  • Improved ride and performance
  • Extended tyre life – lower running costs
  • Puncture and shock resistance – reduced down time
  • Resistance to tread tearing
  • Stability due to sidewall rigidity
  • Speed Index: R, C
  • Available series: 80

Michelin Compact C2 C2
Michelin Compact C2 C2

Michelin Compact C2 C2

Michelin Cross Terrain SUV
Michelin Cross Terrain SUV

  • Excellent braking responsiveness in dry, wet and wintry conditions
  • Improved tyre longevity as well as reduced noise levels
  • Fantastic levels of performance in light snow
  • Increased levels of stability especially when cornering

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