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Westlake H120
Westlake H120

Westlake H170
Westlake H170

  • Improved grip levels help traction on dry and wet road surfaces
  • Optimised rolling resistance
  • Reduced braking distances
  • Minimised risk of skidding on wet road surfaces

Westlake H660
Westlake H660

  • Outstanding ride quality
  • All season handling
  • Built to deliver exceptional ride quality and stability for daily commute
  • All season handling, comfort ride and exceptional wet and dry capability

Westlake RVH680
Westlake RVH680

  • Maximum safety assured at all times
  • Enhanced ride comfort thanks to reduced tyre noise
  • Improved handling characteristics
  • The ride vibrations are effectively absorbed, making for a smooth ride

Westlake SC301
Westlake SC301

  • Offers the ability to carry heavy loads due to the reinforced sidewall 
  • Fantastic performance on wet road surface to maximise driver safety
  • Reduced braking distances to reduce the risk of accidents
  • Outstanding combination of extremely high safety and performance levels

Westlake SC328
Westlake SC328

  • Enhanced wet road traction to reduce the risk of aquaplaning
  • Outstanding durability to increase tread wear which results in cost savings
  • The combination of polyester casing and steel belts increases protection against kerb damage
  • Reduced braking distances on both dry and wet road surfaces

Westlake SL309
Westlake SL309

  • Affordable tyre with outstanding tyre longevity
  • Improved braking performance in wet conditions
  • Capable of carrying heavy loads without affecting performance levels
  • Improved handling capabilities due to excellent grip with the road surface

Westlake SP06
Westlake SP06

  • Ensures a vibration free ride, enhancing the ride experience significantly
  • Excellent safety and performance levels on all surfaces and in all seasons
  • Increased traction levels improve driving confidence and make for a comfortable driving experience
  • With superior aquaplaning resistance, you need not have any qualms about driving in wet weather

Westlake SU307
Westlake SU307

  • Enhanced handling in wet and dry conditions
  • Improved braking responsiveness in wet conditions to reduce risk of accidents
  • Reduced tyre noise to ensure a smooth driving experience
  • Maximum control when cornering due to excellent grip levels

Westlake SV308
Westlake SV308

  • Excellent performance on wet road surfaces
  • Improved tyre longevity to ensure higher mileage characteristics
  • Optimised rolling resistance resulting in cost savings
  • Outstanding steering responsivness due to significantly improved grip levels

Westlake SV308 XL
Westlake SV308 XL

  • Greater cost savings on fuel on account of the increased fuel efficiency
  • You can drive with greater confidence on wet roads, despite heavy loads, because of the enhanced assurance of wet safety
  • Improved handling performance and braking responsiveness enhance the overall ride experience

Westlake SV308 XL Tyres – When You Want Superior Performance on the Highway

When you traverse the highway regularly, you want tyres that support you all the way through. Highway driving conditions are different from regular high street driving and your tyres must be able to offer uninterrupted high levels of performance. And if your day to day highway driving involves heavy loads as well, you definitely need load reinforced tyres that can deal with the extra load with ease. The Westlake SV308 XL tyres from Westlake Tyres satisfy all these conditions and are the most appropriate tyres for your highway driving.

Westlake SV308 XL Tyres – What’s Unique about them?

What distinguishes these tyres from the standard Westlake SV308 tyres is their reinforced sidewall. The extra sidewall thickness enables the tyres to be inflated to higher pressure levels. And because the tyre pressure is higher, they can easily support heavy loads without compromising stability and performance.

Westlake SV308 XL Tyres Performance

  • Superior Handling Characteristics

The Westlake SV308 XL tyres offer superior handling characteristics with precise steering control at all times. This is possible on account of the unidirectional V-shaped tread pattern of the tyres. Rest assured, you experience maximum stability at high speeds as well as maximum control over the car during cornering.

  • Enhanced Safety on Wet Surface

When you are cruising along at high speeds, an unexpected puddle can throw you off balance and lead to dangerous consequences. With the Westlake SV308 XL tyres, the chances of this eventuality are vastly minimised. The tyres are equipped with a pair of wide circumferential grooves that effectively deflect surface water from the tyre tread. As a result, the resistance to aquaplaning increases and chances of skidding on wet roads are minimised significantly.

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency offered by any tyre is directly related to its rolling resistance. Lower the rolling resistance, greater is the fuel efficiency. The tread compound of the Westlake SV308 XL tyres contains high concentration of silicon dioxide, which helps reduce the rolling resistance. The tyres thus enhance the efficiency of fuel consumption, leading to long term savings on fuel costs.

  • More Responsive Braking

The tread compound of the Westlake SV308 XL tyres improves the traction levels, thereby enhancing the braking responsiveness. Thus stopping distances are greatly reduced, further increasing your confidence during the drive.

The Westlake SV308 XL tyres are available in a range of sizes for fitting 16 and 17 inch alloys.

Westlake SA05 XL
Westlake SA05 XL

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