EU Tyre Labelling



The EU has introduced a new label which must be displayed on tyres which have been manufactured from July 2012. The aim is to give consumers essential information to help when choosing new tyres.

The label rates the tyre’s performance for fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise. This helps promote safer, more efficient and less noisy tyres, improving safety and environmental impact.

The label is standardised so regardless of whether it’s Continental, Michelin or Barum, customers can compare tyres like-for-like. Tyre manufacturers will be responsible for including the tyre label on all new tyres produced from July 2012.

Also tyre ‘distributors’ like Viking and Viking'’s customers will be responsible for ensuring that the tyre labelling information is available to their customers from 1st November 2012. The section provides more information about how to read the new tyre label and what the values mean, how Viking is implementing the new labelling rules and what responsibilities you have to customers.

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